Christmas Sermon Outlines – More Than Presents

For the longest time most of our Christmas Sermon Outlines have revolved around the fact that Christmas is not about presents. It is not about the things we buy or the things we get but it is about the fact that God sent His son to earth to die for our sins. But I am hearing this them less and less over the past few years.

I imagine a lot of this is because, like most teachers and preachers, we assume that people have just gotten it. We have taught it once or maybe twice and that should be enough. We should not have to repeat ourselves in anymore Christmas Sermon Outlines because we have spoken and that is enough. This is a mistake many teachers and preachers take. I have been there and still fall into that trap from time to time. But if we look around us as Christmas approaches we can see the message is not getting across. It seems like the Christmas marketing and Christmas shopping is starting earlier and earlier every year. Obviously the vast majority of people are missing the point.

You need to put the fact that Christmas is not about stuff, be it giving or getting stuff. As you prepare your Christmas Sermon Outlines you need to reming them about the true meaning of Christmas. You need to continually remind them until people begin to actually live differently.

I am reminded of an old illustration where a preacher preached the same thing two weeks in a row. Of course people thought that he must have just forgotten and decided to inform him of what they saw as an oversight. He informed though that he was fully aware of what he had done. He had preached the same thing again because no one was living differently so they must have not heard him the first time.

We need to have this same mindset. Even if people get frustrated because you preach the same thing again point out that no one appears to be understanding since their lives do not seem to be changing. It may end up being the most powerful lesson you ever teach.