An Unusual Christmas Present: Finding a Property to Renovate

Renovate Alerts is an online company that finds properties that range from needing cosmetic updating to a full scale renovation. Having found the properties Renovate Alerts email subscribers alerts which links the subscriber to the property details on the estate agents websites. So your friend would only get properties that require work and are ripe for their DIY enthusiasm. Alerts are sent out every few days and contain only properties that are new to the market.

The cost of this unusual present would be either £10 or £20 per month per region and each region covers a large area e.g. Wales, South, Scotland, Greater London, etc. So you could give an original, thoughtful present of £10 or £20 and start your friend on a new line of investigation and even a new career in property development!

The subscription is on an ongoing automatic monthly basis so if you want to give your friend just one month then do remember to email Renovate Alerts to cancel the subscription after the first month.

Here is some feedback that Renovate Alerts has recently received from satisfied customers:

“Your service is excellent, and I will recommend you to other people”

“Your website is amazing. I am in the process of purchasing 2 properties as a result. I have started a new business..”

It should at least give your friend something more to go on. A subscription to Renovate Alerts is surely more exciting than chocolates, pens or socks. In fact you might find it so intriguing you subscribe for yourself!

For more information and see a sample of a live alert visit:

How Can Presentation Skill Seminars Make Your Business More Successful

Does your company have the most qualified sales people but they just fail to deliver the desired results? Have you often found yourself wondering what is holding your staff behind when you are giving them all the opportunities, equipping them with all the necessary tools, and providing them with all the information?

The need for seminars

As an employer or a head of a business you already know how much impression a good presentation can make. After all, an effective presentation can bring in more orders from clients and create some positive to excellent bottom line results. But, the solutions wouldn’t just surface if you keep wondering. So, if your workforce is given the right dosage of training in honing their presentation skills, you can expect a significant improvement in their way of working.

Getting the message across

Most companies stay behind while only a few of them make their way to the office of the clients for more business. The secret to that is nothing but ‘effective ways of presentations’ which allows a client to form certain impressions about your company and its services. The core problem that is faced in a presentation is the ‘delivery’ of the message. For this reason, effective presentation skills seminars can teach your staffs how to steer their expertise and skills in the right direction in the right manner to reap the fruits of success.

What’s in store?

A seminar on presentation skills basically focuses on the skills that are required for delivering a presentation that has the potential to lure the customer to sign up with your company immediately for your products and services. Such a seminar incorporates video training, interactive discussions and one on one feedback on how to get your company’s message across with charisma and enthusiasm. Presentation skill seminars equip the participants with the right set of tools and skills to deliver promising presentations with immediate positive results.

Some Considerations Before Giving a Dog As a Present For Your Kids For Christmas

Giving a dog as a present for your kids in Christmas is perhaps the sweetest present for your kids. However, here are some considerations before doing the plan because a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. Based on the fact, many people go to the animal sanctuary to give back their pets, especially dogs because of some reasons.

Some of the reasons are the dogs’ barks that are too much and can disturb their neighbors, their other pets that do not like the new dog, the dog that affects the health of one of the members of their family, the dog that is not easy to handle so this pet may destroy their furniture or bite their children, or the dog that is not permitted to live with them because of certain rule in their new flat.

Actually, having relationship with the dog is a great thing you can achieve since there is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog. Once you hold the heart of a dog, he will never leave you. If you love and treat him with kindness and respect, he will love you forever no matter your look or your smell. Even, he will become the most loyal companions and friends you have ever known.

Thus, before deciding a puppy or a dog becomes your Christmas present for your kids, you should realize that like human, a pet should be a long term commitment. Then, make sure that all of your family welcome him enthusiastically as a new family member.