Some Considerations Before Giving a Dog As a Present For Your Kids For Christmas

Giving a dog as a present for your kids in Christmas is perhaps the sweetest present for your kids. However, here are some considerations before doing the plan because a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. Based on the fact, many people go to the animal sanctuary to give back their pets, especially dogs because of some reasons.

Some of the reasons are the dogs’ barks that are too much and can disturb their neighbors, their other pets that do not like the new dog, the dog that affects the health of one of the members of their family, the dog that is not easy to handle so this pet may destroy their furniture or bite their children, or the dog that is not permitted to live with them because of certain rule in their new flat.

Actually, having relationship with the dog is a great thing you can achieve since there is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog. Once you hold the heart of a dog, he will never leave you. If you love and treat him with kindness and respect, he will love you forever no matter your look or your smell. Even, he will become the most loyal companions and friends you have ever known.

Thus, before deciding a puppy or a dog becomes your Christmas present for your kids, you should realize that like human, a pet should be a long term commitment. Then, make sure that all of your family welcome him enthusiastically as a new family member.

The Present Moment – New Life, Love and Prosperity in Uncertain Times

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that it seemed too impossible for anything in your life to pan out?

You try, try, try so hard yet nothing comes together and you wonder if anything is possible. With all your good intentions, shouldn’t life and business be so much easier, especially with all the advantages of our modern age? Seriously, what is the big problem? Moreover, what is specifically in the way that is blocking you from making it all work? You might be surprised by the answer.

Business success (or failure) isn’t a modern phenomenon. 5000 years ago businesses were flourishing with markets selling everything from local fish to foreign spices including all types of services. There were poor people and rich people, just like we see today. There were hard times and good times, just like we see today. There were people with positive attitudes and people with negative attitudes, just like today.

Nothing fundamental has changed. The same elements of life are still here, alive and well as usual. But let’s face it – the world today is a thousand times more complex. It is becoming important today to be a bit more detached from life, to not rely so much on circumstances but rather rely more on yourself as a good human being. It’s a big world. You cannot change the world. You can only change yourself. All along, there is only one thing in existence that never changes, never disappears, and can always be counted on no matter what happens. What is it?

The Present Moment

You might suddenly be asking yourself, okay great. So what? Big deal: The present moment, what is the point: How can something so common and obvious have anything to do with me, my success in life, or my business?

The Present Moment is Where Everything Happens

How much time do you waste thinking about the past or worrying about the future? More importantly, how much energy do you waste reacting to things that are completely out of your power and control? The truth is if you connect with the present moment (rather than abandoning it, frittering it away with meaningless worries and inconsequential reactions to problems and circumstances) everything will start to take shape in a much more realistic and clear way. How so, you ask?

Do you realize that the present moment is the most powerful reality in the entire universe? Think about it. Everything that happens, whether 500 billion light years away or 10 minutes from now, all happens in the present moment. The present moment is timeless. In fact, time – as huge as we feel it, as huge as it is – is no bigger than a grain of sand compared to the present moment.

So what does this all have to do with you and your business and your life success?

Your existence IS the present moment . . . YOU are NOW. Everything else is something that is merely happening, an event with a beginning and an end. Connect with the Here and Now. You can easily begin doing this by paying close attention to your 5 senses. When you purposely connect with any of your senses, even for 2 seconds, you automatically connect with reality. When you connect with reality, all other delusions of the mind immediately begin to STOP.

The present moment will relieve you of all your useless ills and pains: It will also give you the clarity and much needed tolerance to excel in your business. The bottom line? Take time for YOURSELF. Even to just feel your toes on the floor and to hear the sound of your breath. It will pay beautiful dividends for you, sooner than you think. Be good to yourself. You deserve it!

The saying: “Stop and Smell the Roses” may very well be the biggest understatement ever conceived!

A Sales Pitch, Present Your Campaign Successfully

When you have a great idea, it’s important to present it properly in order to get the appreciation you want. What is the point in putting together a good campaign if it’s not presented in an appealing way? In order to be taken seriously as a professional, your presentation skills should be completely perfected. Make sure to always speak clearly and concisely. The point is to win over the audience, so it’s crucial that you don’t demonstrate incompetence. Here are some tips on how to make a successful sales pitch.

1. To begin with, appearance is everything. You should always look sharp on the day of the big presentation. Before coming into work make sure you’ve eaten a healthy meal and you’ve gotten ample rest. It is extremely important to make a good impression right off the bat. Maintain good posture and start with a firm handshake.

2. Create a visual presentation. Power points work just fine but you might want to really blow them away with mind blowing visuals. Invest in some glossy foam core, a presentation easel or two, and perhaps some take-aways for the client’s convenience. Your work should be crafted in a clean, professional manner. If you show the work in the form it is intended to be printed in, you can really win over your audience. They could become so impressed that they may even bring your presentation boards home with them. If that’s not a shew-in, I don’t know what is.

3. Be sure to speak clearly and loud enough for the whole room to hear. Make as much eye contact as possible and show the crowd how comfortable you are with them. Try your best to avoid swaying, stuttering, and saying the words “um” and like.” No one will take you seriously. If you must, practice beforehand and perfect your speech. Nothing is worse than skipping over main points or forgetting your next line. You’re trying to win the crowd over and you can’t do that if you are not well spoken.

4. Before and after your presentation, express your gratitude. Taking the time to thank your guests for coming is a very cordial gesture. The crowd will appreciate a warm welcoming and sometimes a simple “hello” and a “thank you” can go a long way.

5. Begin by introducing yourself and perhaps explaining your role in the company or your specific role in the presentation. Researching who you are presenting to beforehand is another great way to win over the client. It is a nice touch to show your audience that you have done your homework. So praise their efforts as much as you can throughout the presentation, but keep it as professional as possible.