Do You Want a Great Present for Christmas?

Another year has just about gone by the wayside and the Christmas and the New Year seasons are fast approaching. How’d that 2010 New Year’s resolution go to achieve your desired weight loss? This is probably one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions. I would surely like to know the success rate on that. I’m going to take a guess and say 15%. 15% of the people who make that New Year’s resolution achieve their desired weight loss. Some people may think that is a little optimistic some people might think that figure is a little pessimistic.

If you’re thinking about adding that to you Resolutions for the New Year it really might be a good idea to get a head start on it. Why? I know from experience Christmas and Thanksgiving days alone can add a few pounds to your frame. Combine that with all the days surrounding those days and all the baking that goes on it doesn’t hurt to think about what you’re eating. I’m not saying cut out all that good food that will be on the dinner table those days. What I’m preaching is moderation. Again, from experience these are the times during the year that we fix more than the normal amount of food.

Last Thanksgiving at the dinner table at our house there was turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberries, three layer salad, corn, green bean casserole, rolls, and probably several other things I can’t remember. That was just dinner, there were several hor douvres before the dinner and many deserts after dinner. I used to take a big serving of everything during the meal. In order to achieve your desired weight loss, just think about this. The result of taking a big helping of everything on the menu is that immediately following the meal, the main topic of conversation is how miserable everyone is from stuffing themselves. Speaking of stuffing, there’s always some stuffing on hand for Thanksgiving dinner also.

The next conversation is about taking a walk after dinner. It’s usually said in gest, but why not? You’re probably not going to walk of all those calories immediately, but exercise is always a good thing and it will make you feel better. Take a walk for exercise and enjoy the fall colors.

Achieving your desired weight loss requires that you take action. The great Christmas present that I referred to in the title is that you feel great physically and mentally. You feel healthy and look healthy. Start that New Year’s resolution early this year to achieve your desired weight loss. When you’re at the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables enjoy the food, but take a small helping of your favorites instead of a large helping of everything. If your house is anything like mine there will be leftovers, and Thanksgiving leftovers always taste good. Then after dinner take that walk that everyone jokes about. There’s always those leaves to rake too. Take action and achieve your desired weight loss. You won’t regret it.

How to Choose First Birthday Presents

A child’s first birthday is undoubtedly cause for celebration, even though we all know that first birthday parties are as much a celebration for the parents as they are for the birthday babe! Still, getting a fantastic first birthday present for a niece, nephew, a friend’s baby or even your own, should be a pleasure in itself, and not something to get in a muddle over.

First birthday presents can be a little tricky to buy sometimes, as you find yourself pondering over the cuddly toys or the foil balloons in the local supermarket, wondering if grandma has already bought them. It’s also hard to choose something that the parents will appreciate, as every parent has their own idea about what they want their kids to play with, especially when they’re babies.

Luckily there are great alternatives to the usual high street toys and gifts, and all you have to do is get online and click a few buttons to use the power of the Internet. The very best online children’s gift stores have a great range of options that include innovative and educational toys that every parent will love. Timeless classic toys made to high standards are a thoughtful gift for any child, and parents will appreciate gifts that have genuine quality.

One of the best new online concepts for children’s gifts and toys is gift bundles, which are the perfect choice for the indecisive shopper, especially when you don’t have time to get down to the shops. There are some extremely well-crafted options available, with some delightful first birthday gift ideas brought together in beautifully presented gift hampers and boxes.

Children’s gift hampers take the difficulty out of choosing the right balance of gifts, wrapping them up nicely and handing them over, because everything can be handled by the supplier. The benefit of buying online is that you can have a beautiful hand-wrapped first birthday gift sent directly to the parents, ideal for friends and family members that have moved away.

Another benefit of buying pre-packaged children’s gift hampers for a baby’s first birthday is that they are often themed, a nice touch that makes the whole package come together as something special. A lovely collection of Peter Rabbit soft toys or Paddington Bear themed gifts is a nice thing to keep as the child grows up, and presents further ideas to add the collection on subsequent birthdays.

The Dos and Donts of Creating a Powerful Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program included in the Microsoft Office Suite of products. PowerPoint has become the industry standard for making presentations and it provides a number of advantages over conventional presentation methods, such as:

  • Saving printing costs, especially since many presentations are saved to USB drives;
  • Providing vibrant slides with the use of color, clip art, and different font styles and;
  • Allowing for dynamic content on slides, in the form of the Internet and Video insertions even polling an audience by using a wireless audience response system.

However, with all these advantages, often presentations are lackluster and unsatisfactory to the audience because the presenter uses the Powerpoint presentation software and equipment in ways that are not helpful in getting their message communicated. The tool becomes a distraction or worse yet, the presenter merely reads the slides.

Below, are some simple DO’s and DON’Ts in putting together your next presentation to make certain your next speaking engagement or product launching event goes off without a hitch.

Do’s and Dont’s of putting together a great PowerPoint presentation

First, even before turning on PowerPoint, create a rough storyboard idea of your presentation. Write it out on note cards and put the ideas in order with an intro, body, and conclusion. Now, you are ready to begin with PowerPoint.

DO use large fonts. For your headings, a 24 pt font or larger is best.

DO make certain you are using only 1 or 2 font styles through out the presentation. Add clip art and photographs only if they enhance the message. Consider adding an interactive survey with an audience response system rental.

DO use the 6 by 6 rule. No more than 6 words across and no more than 6 lines down the page. PowerPoint is there to enhance your presentation, not replace it. Keep your slides and presentation simple.

DO plan on the “2 minute per slide” rule. For example, if you have 60-minute presentation, the MAXIMUM number of slides you should have are 30. Too many presenters rush through their slides and give their audience very little time to think about the content.

DO have the presentation printed so if the powerpoint presentation equipment fails, you can read from a paper copy and continue your talk.

DON’T leave the laptop on standby power. If you engage in a discussion with your attendees, the last thing you want is for the laptop to go to sleep.

DON’T leave your screen saver on either. This is another unwanted distraction to the presentation.

DON’T use dark backgrounds in poorly-lit rooms or light backgrounds in well-lit rooms because the slides become too hard to read.

LASTLY, DON’T be the only one to review your presentation. Give it to co-workers, members of your association or even a family member to review. Take their edits and comments to heart.

Now that you’ve mastered putting together a presentation, learn about the PowerPoint Presentation Equipment you will need in Part 2 to be posted on Monday.